Welcome to the Heights Emergency Food Center!

The Heights Emergency Food Center (HEFC) is a non-profit corporation, staffed by volunteers, to provide for people in emergency situations. Committed to Judeo-Christian principles, the center respects social and cultural diversity and upholds the worth and dignity of those it serves.

Featured Articles

Local Champion For Good: Lisa Sands of Whole Foods Market

As noted in the Garden of Blessings article over this past summer, Lisa Sands was instrumental in bringing Zac Francis on board at Disciples Christian Church and Heights Emergency Food Center. During a recent conversation she shared some of her own background and how she came to be involved with HEFC.   Click here to read the full article

Key Neighbors Making a Difference

HEFC would like to recognize several individuals who made improvements to the Center, in the form of fresh coats of paint on the reception area walls, on May 22, 2013. The Center was one of the sites included in the Key Neighbors Make a Difference Day event. Site Manager Steve Casselman shared that "the organization was in (his) neighborhood and seemed like a worthy organization to contribute to". Joining Steve in this gift of time and effort were Ellen Shefner and Dave J. McLaughlin.

A big THANK YOU to Steve, Ellen and Dave for their generosity!